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Invite your friends, your family, your neighbor, but don’t invite your buddy who plays for a living because there will be prizes and winners take them home. It’s true! Play for free, no entry fees, no betting, no required charitable contributions, nothing to lose, and win prizes! V.P. Player Services will show you how. Heck, we can take care of it all, from promotion, to equipment, to dealers, to complete production.


At V.P. Player Services we have it all! Custom-built eight-foot tables, Vegas-style clay poker chips, the highest quality poker cards, computerized time-keeping equipment and tournament software are available for rent, sale or as part of our complete service package for your next free game.


Our network of players reaches across New England so with a few well placed phone calls and emails we can inform thousands of players about your event. We also have years of experience promoting everything from large, multi-day tournaments to small single-table games. Put our network and experience to work for you.

We’ll Serve You, No Matter How Far Away!

Whether you reside in TX, V.P. Players will certainly offer 100% fulfillment to all clients. We provide plans for your benefit as well as might be tailored after your ask for various casino tables. V.P. Players has years of occasion preparation experience and also will certainly provide innovative pointers as well as concepts to earn your following casino evening enjoyable, effective, as well as enjoyable. V.P. Players likewise uses its services on a subcontracting basis to a wide array of marketing, interaction & public relations companies, and also conference & occasion manufacturers.

About Us

V.P. Player Services is a partnership formed by two of the greatest poker players in the world. V.P.Player Services can easily explain how your charity or non-profit organization can tap into the new market of fundraising created by the recent popularity of Texas Hold’em.

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Address: 4916 Grey Fox Farm Road, Houston, TX 77063

Contact +1 (281) 745-3019

Email: oma@vpplayer.com