Considering Gastric Bypass Surgery

Many people who want to lose weight try either dieting or exercising, or a combination of both. In many cases, none of these methods work. Another weight loss method that may bring better results is bariatric surgery. Such procedures have been tested and proven for over thirty years. Presently, there are several types of weight loss surgeries but 90% of US patients opt for gastric bypass surgery.
Candidates for Surgery
Doctors recommend gastric bypass surgery for a person who is more than 100 pounds over his or her ideal body weight and who has a Body Mass Index exceeding 40. Such persons are considered morbidly obese and usually suffer from chronic diseases such as hypertension, diabetes, sleep apnea or respiratory insufficiency.
The Procedure and Its Effects
In gastric bypass surgery, the surgeon reduces the size of the stomach by creating a small pouch that is connected to the small intestine. Therefore, a smaller quantity of food can be absorbed and processed by the body. The smaller stomach also produces no digestive juices so there are fewer calories being taken in. The lack of these juices makes the patient uncomfortable when sweets and high calorie foods are eaten and this encourages them to refrain from eating these unhealthy foods.
Gastric bypass surgery has advantages but it still has several risks that the patient must keep in mind. Complications such as bowel obstruction or a stomach leak can occur with this type of surgery. In addition, there are other concerns such as infections, heart and respiratory complications ad blood clots. Even after surgery, patients would need to be monitored to ensure that there are no problems with food intake. Even with these risk factors, gastric bypass surgery presents an effective alternative for the morbidly obese to improve their weight and overall life.

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